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Research, Data Collection and Good Practices

This activity consists of a comparative study to recognize and analyze information on the situation of each country participating in the project (Greece, Italy, Mexico and India), in terms of development of the green economy model and the inclusion of women in different contexts of this sector.

The results of this activity are:Identification of the assets and areas of opportunity for each country within the scope of the green economy that could be promoted through entrepreneurship initiatives of young women and that would be susceptible of being applied through the Lean Startup methodology.Collection of good practices related to the Green Economy model in the participating countries focused on the inclusion of vulnerable groups, mainly those that contemplate the role of young women agents of change.Identification of the critical capacities and competencies subject to being developed as a priority to achieve the development of the entrepreneurial spirit in women within the sectors related to the green economy model.
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Transnational training meetings for youth workers in Greece, Italy and Mexico

The 3 Transnational Training Meetings have been held in Greece, Italy and Mexico with the aim to provide youth workers from the participating countries with theoretical and practical skills (in a non-formal way), as well as the development of Contamination Labs to put in practice the acquired skills. The training activities were implemented through an active, flexible and constructive learning methodology where the participants were significantly involved in activities designed to enhance their intrinsic motivation and positive attitude and in which they acquired and consolidated several skills thanks to open interaction and collaboration with the other participants and the trainers.
The main aspect was the practical approach exploited through the implementation of Contamination Labs where the participants, coming from different contexts, are organized in groups to work together in the elaboration of innovative projects with a social vocation. In these training meetings, virtuous contamination processes were developed to increase the spirit of initiative, creativity and business culture and consolidate the ability to translate ideas into actions. During these meetings, work was also carried out on the creation of "GUIDELINES FOR GENDER INCLUSION IN THE FIELD OF GREEN ECONOMY".

Learn more about the activities carried out in: Mobility section.
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E-learning course

GreenY e-learning is a training course made up of synchronous and asynchronous activities, with a modular structure in which participants can access learning resources, training tools, case studies, didactic activities and theoretical-practical webinars.This course provides the participants with key knowledge and practical tools on the main thematic axes of the GreenY project, in order to allow them to integrate the skills acquired in the development of innovative and inclusive entrepreneurial proposals in the field of the green economy.

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The handbook "How to develop entrepreneurship initiatives through the Lean Startup Methodology in the field of Green Economy”, has been developed by the partner organizations and is based on the research carried out in the framework of GreenY project as well as in the information gathered from the experiences during the international meetings and the expertise acquired through the training program. The objective of this handbook is to offer, to young people around the world, a synthetic and didactic educational tool that provides useful information on the process of developing entrepreneurial initiatives in the field of green economy through the implementation of the lean startup methodology.
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The GreenY project is implemented by a consortium comprised of 5 organisations, representing 4 countries from 3 continents (Greece, India, Italy, Mexico)

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